Terms of Service


  • I reserve the right to refuse an application without explanation.
  • I will not provide .PSD, .CLIP or .SAI files.
  • I will not color or edit another artists work unless I have consent from the original artist.


  • All contact must be made via email. This site’s forms and contact page all go to my email.
  • Within 48 hours, I will contact those chosen through email and invoices will be sent.


  • Payments are accepted in USD only, via PayPal.
  • Payment must be made up front and within 24 hours of acceptance before any work will be done. (for large orders, payment can be made after a sketch is provided)
  • Rush orders that require a completion date that falls before the normal turnaround will add to the final price.

Time frame

  • Weekly commissions are normally completed within 1-2 weeks of payment


  • Commissions include a rough sketch for approval. At this time, you may request alterations.
  • I will not add or change any details that I was not made aware of before completion of the image.
  • Large commissions will include at least 2 work-in-progress approvals.
  • Changes requested after completion will incur fees that vary by complexity and time frame.


  • The artist retains all right to the artwork and digital file. This includes rights to advertising and reproduction.
  • The client may print the artwork for personal use.
  • The client may post the art on any free-subscription platform.
  • Characters are used with expressed permission from the owners. The owners retain the rights to the character’s designs, but not the artwork itself.


  • Cancellation by the client will result in a partial refund being issued through Paypal. The amount refunded depends on the amount of completion.
  • Cancellation by the artist will result in a full refund through Paypal.
  • No refund will be issued after the commission has been completed.